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Originally Posted by R MacDonald 14-88

"When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser."

- Socrates

Socrates Had It Coming. From 1996:

Robert Mappelthorpe MacDonald wanted it cumming. What debate? What slander?

Stop whining. You wouldn't have gotten what you asked for if you didn't run it into the ground. Behave yourself and stop calling me 'Marty' and you might get some better behavior from me in return. Be someone by doing something rather than bother those who are trying their best at what they do. Maybe I did smear the invective on, but then again, have you not thought that MAYBE you brought down some upon yourself?

Let's see if you are able to grow up given as much of an apology as you are going to get from me.

--Martin Lindstedt