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Damn it Alex! Why do you quote the whole post if you're the very first one to reply I mean... it's right there... anyway... Yes, Paul Fromm and Marc himself will be taking good notes, I'm sure. Paul will very likely post a synopsis on StormFront soon after the hearings end. Maybe even I shall decide to show up. I'll PM you their e-mails so you can invite them as guests to GoyFire or Free Talk Live.

I'd just like to add a...

... BIG F*** YOU!!!
to all Canadian mainstream media for not covering Marc's case. This story is of such monumental importance that it should be front page news every day that the hearings resume. Marc's case is being silenced for exactly the same reasons that the tortures, rapes and murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were suppressed. (I've read that the Canadian parliament banned the use of the word "suppress" in the house of commons.)
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