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Mike Rivero Radio Interview with Marc Lemire and Paul Fromm!

Mike's September 1st 2007 broadcast discusses the Canadian Human Rights Commission censorship / infiltration tactics being employed in Canada and Free Speech patriot Marc Lemire's Constitutional Challenge response

Also Profiled on David Duke’s website:


Marc Lemire Scores A Stunning Victory Standing Up Against Canada’s Marxist ADL Sponsored “Hate” & Censorship Legislation!

CHRT Rules in Marc Lemire’s Favour and Grants Adjournment
From Freedomsite
Marc Lemire Interviewed
The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, today (August 17, 2007) released a landmark ruling on Marc Lemire’s motion to adjourn the entire proceeding against him, Sine Die (Meaning: stopped totally with no set date to resume hearings)
In the ruling by senior Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member, Athanasios D. Hadjis, all arguments by Marc Lemire’s courageous counsel, Barbara Kulaszka were accepted. Member Hadjis ruled:
[15] I am therefore granting the adjournment sine die being sought by Mr. Lemire. Had any of the parties indicated that they had any other evidence to adduce, aside from that which relates to the s. 37 objection, I would have continued the hearing pending the outcome of the Federal Court application, but that is not the case.
This is another stunning defeat of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Attorney General of Canada, who in very lengthy motions to the Tribunal bitterly demanded the Tribunal Hearing go ahead against Marc Lemire. Thus denying Marc Lemire any of the relief he is seeking from the Federal Court of Canada.
At issue currently: The Canadian Human Rights Commission total ABUSE of Section 37 of the Canada Evidence Act, which allows government representatives the ability to prevent disclosure (hide) and claim immunity over the disclosure of information that the CHRC alleges to be injurious to Canadian Government security and operations of a Federal agency.
The Canadian Human Rights Commission has invoked Section 37, against Marc Lemire upwards of 200 to 300 times during the hearing of the historic Constitutional Challenge filed by Mr. Lemire back in November, 2005.
The CHRC never believed Marc Lemire had the resources and guts to challenge their abuse. … thanks to heroic lawyers like Barbara Kulaszka and Canadians who love freedom and supported Marc Lemire — they were WRONG!
For the first time ever in history - evidence put before the Tribunal by Marc Lemire, shows the clear Agent Provocateur mission of infiltration by the CHRC of Internet message boards and websites, with the possible hopes of entrapment of Canadian free thinking dissidents. The evidence shows the Canadian Human Rights Commission Employees have attempted to engage him on websites such as
On May 17th, 2007, Marc Lemire challenged all CHRC invocations of Section 37 of the Canada Evidence Act to the Federal Court of Canada. This was a clear abuse and Section 37 was being used to cover up the inappropriate actions of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and it’s employees.
On July 8th, 2007, Marc Lemire filed a motion to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to stop the Tribunal hearing pending the outcome of Marc Lemire’s appeal to the Federal Court of Canada. The CHRC and Federal Attorney General of Canada, bitterly opposed the adjournment in very lengthy submissions to the Tribunal.


The case against Marc Lemire before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has been stopped dead in it’s tracks, pending the final outcome of Marc Lemire’s appeal to the Federal Court of Canada.
No longer is Marc Lemire on trial for anything, but using political Ju-Jitsu, we have turned the massive weight of the Canadian Government thought police apparatus against them, and have put the censors at the Canadian Human Rights Commission on trial!
This is a landmark ruling and everything has to be attributed to the courageous dedicated efforts of Marc Lemire’s counsel - Barbara Kulaszka , and the interested parties for Freedom – Douglas Christie and Paul Fromm.

Ruling from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Issued August 17, 2007

Support Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge
Be part of our team and contribute what you can to defeat this horrible law
and protect Freedom of Speech in Canada !
Via Mail: Send Cheque or Money Order to:

Marc Lemire

152 Carlton Street

PO Box 92545

Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2K1


It’s been a long hard battle, but with this adjournment now I only have to fight it on one main front. Not surrounded on both the Eastern and Western front.
The Tribunal is now basically paused, and we can go 100% on the offensive with my Federal Court Appeal to force the CHRC to answer what Agent Provocateur / infiltrations operations they have conducted against me and Stormfront.
I have caught them four times now and believe me I am not done. I am holding in reserve till the right time to expose them. Just like I EXPOSED the Edmonton Police, Richard (LUCY) Warman, Alan Dutton, Shane (Rachael) Ruttle Martinez and others.
That’s why this adjournment was so important and why the CHRC and Attorney General fought it so hard. (literally hundreds of pages they submitted to win this motion)
After all any hint of fairness is not in the minds of the Thought Control Apparatus at the CHRC, they ONLY want to win at ALL cost. Truth, Justice, Fairness, Decency and even free speech play no part in their mission.
Unfortunately for the thought control maniacs, my legal team and I stand in their way. We are dedicated, respectful, hard working, gifted and above all, unlike them, we have class.
And rest assured friends, we have been giving it to THEM much MUCH worse than they have been giving it to us.
The word: DECIMATED comes to mind, when thinking what my legal team has done to them.
And that being DECIMATED in their OWN hearings. Set up with their OWN rules and staffed by their OWN people.
The winds of change are blowing through Ottawa. And what the CHRC and their ilk have done only highlights the desperate need to take away any authority they hold over the citizenry.
With the tribunal on pause, I have now put the CHRC and Attorney General 100% on the defensive. No longer are they attacking me, but they are now answering my allegations.
But without your help I will not be able to continue for much longer. The Federal Court is a very expensive place. I REALLY need your help to keep going.
I hardly ever ask for money, but this time, I actually can not do it without your help. Please send what you can to help out. Anything will help.
You can see I for sure use the money, and of all the CHRC cases, I really do have the best chance to beat them and shut this law down forever.

August 19th, 2007

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