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Marc Lemire's Appeal to the Federal Court of Canada

January 15, 2008 - 9:30AM
180 Queen Street W
Toronto, Ontario
Case: T-860-07

Marc Lemire
Richard Warman,
Canadian Human Rights Commission,
Attorney General of Canada

For the first time ever in history, the Canadian Human Rights Commission is being challenged by Marc Lemire in the Federal Court of Canada for its spying operations, abuses of the law, deception and Agent Provocateur agenda.

Like some mobster in a U.S. trial who keep invoking the Fifth Amendment, the CHRC is trying to keep the veil of secrecy wrapped tight around its spying operations on Canadian Internet dissidents. Its tool of choice is Section 37 of the Canada Evidence Act. This allows government representatives the ability to prevent disclosure (hide) and claim immunity over the disclosure of information that the CHRC alleges to be injurious to Canadian Government security and operations of a Federal agency. The evidence Marc Lemire is challenging before the Federal Court is explosive and will blow the whole agenda of the CHRC into the open.

In a 300 page record, prepared by lead counsel Barbara Kulaszka, the abuse of Section 37 by the Commission was laid out in amazingly clear detail. Those 300 pages decimate the Canadian Human Rights Commission's claims and expose the spying operations of Canada's Thought Control apparatus.

Come out and see the top freedom fighters in Canada battle the censors.
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