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Tomasz Winnicki

I have filed two affidavits in my case, to bring forward explosive information about Richard Warman and Dean Steacy.

The first affidavit I filed was on Richard Warman.

Attached is a modified version of the 127 page affidavit! (hahah … yes I said 127 pages!)

We have been able to track Warman all through out Sept-Nov, 2003, which shows that Warman was quite active, and certainly would have kept the same IP address, as the poster of the Anne Cools message. (See:

As well, thanks to a document Warman submitted against Paul Fromm in the libel case, he visited the Freedomsite in October, 2003. I pulled the log file and it matches exactly his IP address.

This affidavit also highlights the EGALE connection and homosexual lobby Milieu that is at the heart of the Anne Cools post.

The second affidavit I filed was on Dean Steacy.

Steacy is the main CHRC investigator on Section 13 cases. This is explosive, because it shows Steacy signed up an account on FreeDominion **14 DAYS BEFORE** a post was made which formed the basis of a Section 13 complaint against them.

Steacy has testified that he ONLY goes to sites AFTER a complaint has been received. Yet he is on the website BEFORE a post was even made.

It was also revealed in January, Dean Steacy signed up the fake name “Jadewarr” on Stormfront, and used his fake alias to attempt to engage ME in conversation…. (can you say entrapment!)

Both Affidavits by me have been filed in my case, and I would assume are public….

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