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It has long been a ploy of the corporate Jewish media in the U.S. which is anti-Christian and anti non-Jews to use the racism card oversensitively - in its domination of the media - so as to splinter America into camps or groups largely antagonistic toward, due to the spin in the media, the white Christian majority. There is no denying this unless one is to deny history. However precisely due to mainstream media domination one reading this perhaps for the first time would wonder if it was actual or not, or worse if I in simply telling the truth weren’t also “anti-Semitic.” That’s a much worse thing to be of course thanks to the media spin for the past 50 years, than if one were anti-Christian or anti-European etc. This cosncious ploy or strategem in dominating the media and oversensitizing so-called racial matters becomes a powerful polemic favoring the Jewish camp or tribe, obviously, at the expense of non-Jews. Jews cannot argue that they have melted into the American pot or stew since they continue to identify themselves as a blood group in everything, including insisting on referring to themselves as ‘Jewish Americans’ in that order. While at the same time, when it suits them, ‘preaching’ cosmopolitanism and so-called universalism (for others.)

*Obama’s preacher’s remarks came to light now for the first time since he apparently denounced Israel and the U.S. as state sponsors of terrorism. Israel against the Palestinian people whose land they have stolen and want to continue stealing, and the U.S. for being a mean Empire with its troops in 140 countries around the world. And a nation recently which invaded and destroyed another nation Iraq like a Nazi Germany might have invaded Poland when it was not attacked first by said nation it invaded. If these travesties don’t make us ‘terrorists’ what are we? WHAT ARE WE?

I recall one of the more self-serving economic arguments for the invasion of Iraq. I.e. “We must invade Iraq [or] oil will be over $100 per barrel.” … Actually at the time I translated that warning this way: “We must invade Iraq [so] oil will be over $100 per barrel.” And in my own mind that of course was the Standard Oil argument for the war. Standard Oil [i.e. Exxon’s] profits have never been higher than today and oil is over $100 per barrel. But they were just going along for the ride with the more powerful Jewish Lobby in the U.S. known as AIPAC which perceived Iraq as a threat to Israel’s desire for complete hegemony in the Middle East. The Jewish Lobbies in behalf of Israel are worldwide. But that’s the real reason Obama is in trouble suddenly [in] the U.S. MEDIA which SETS the nation’s agenda, for what his preacher said putting Israel’s and our policies honestly in the light.

Of course Obama has to play the game and respond in MEDIA speak to these attacks starting with Gerry Ferraro who served as point to get the ball rolling whether it was unwittingly or not. After which the Clintons prisoners of the mainstream MEDIA as well and who have to play the game can only sit back and see if it is helpful to their own ambitions for political power here in the U.S. or perhaps not. The Jewish MEDIA machine starting with the New York Times have endorsed Hillary since she is perceived as more dependable a lacky for Israel than Obama may prove to be. Although now Obama has denounced his own preacher - to win favor in the eyes of the Jewish Media Machine. That’s who or what he has to appease if he is to remain a viable candidate for President.

Consider the following in the U.K. as well:

“Neo-Lefties, the Second Boot of the Jewish Lobby”
-by Bob Finch

The British Jewish lobby in Britain has been intimidating anyone in the country who criticizes, let alone condemns, the illegal state in Palestine and its racist warmongering policies. The same is true in America as it is in the rest of the western world. The greater the social status, media prominence, or political position, of those criticizing the Jewish apartheid state, the greater the Jewish intimidation perpetrated against them.

(continue reading at the above link)

before you do-?-Do you still actually deny this even to yourself?

PCR was once an immigration restrictionist, a leading critic of “affirmative action,” and even somewhat of a race realist who often defended whites in general and white men in particular from the lies and hatreds of anti-white leftists and cultural Marxists. He also wrote many articles on false accusations, wrongful convictions, and malicious prosecutions -usually in cases of child sexual abuse.

Then George W. Bush invaded Iraq and Roberts joined forces with the leftists he once despised and became a featured columnist at CounterPunch. Since that time, unsurprisingly, he hasn’t written a “politically-incorrect” word about race or even immigration.

Most depressing by far, however, was his total silence on the Duke rape hoax abomination, arguably the most horrifying subversion of due process and presumption of innocence since the interfamilial “sex-ring” and “mass-molestation” day care withhunts of the 1980s and early 90s.

The pre-9-11 PCR would have written 10-20 articles on this sickening travesty.