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Originally Posted by sean(doc)martin View Post
The majority of people won’t do that. I can see carrying a 38 snub everywhere but a huge 45 auto would be difficult to conceal and uncomfortable. You and Chris Drake are about the only 2 VNNF’ers I could see that would actually carry a 45 auto in 100-degree weather.

A handgun is to get out of a situation and perhaps get back to the rifle or shotgun in the automobile or home.

Also in Tennessee laws are a bit different than they are in for example Ohio. In Tennessee kwaps wouldn’t think about a huge gun like that (one of my relatives carried a Dirty Harry 44 mag), however in somewhere like Ohio if they found a hand cannon on your person even if it was legal and you had the proper permit they would take you to jail. Kwaps have a knack of finding something illegal about a law-abiding citizen, yet it takes them decades to get one shred of evidence against the biggest dope dealers.
I completely agree with you here. There are a LOT of Colt-style .45s on the hips of CCW holders around this area. (Personally, I can't hit the broad side of a barn with one. I don't like the grip angle and it just doesn't feel right in my hand.) A few of the guys I used to work with had .44 mags in shoulder rigs under their suit coats.

I agree that big iron isn't always practical or possible. I like sporting cargo shorts as much as the next guy during the summer here, and there are simply times when it's completely impossible to conceal a full size double-stack .45. This is when my trusty little wheelgun comes into play with a speedloader in one of my 300 pockets. (lol god help me if I ever actually have to use that speedloader. I think it will mean the S has officially HTF and my chances of survival aren't too good.)
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