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Originally Posted by Richard H. View Post
I have observed a coon who was shot by his own brother right between the eyes with a .25 auto with fmj bullets, he was definately dead as a hammer.
I believe it, its all about shot placement , skill and a little luck too. If you are willing to trust your life to that caliber I hope your aim is better then mine. I know of two guys that were shot by .25 auto. Randy was shot behind the ear , walked 3 blocks to the hospital said I think I was shot answered a few questions and died , Neil was shot by a nig he put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger the bullet went thru his chin , circled around the roof of his mouth and lodged in his lower jaw breaking it. He lost a tooth and his jaw was wired shut for a few months thats it. I personally knew both of these guys , both were assholes and scumbags. Had either one of these guys been dangerous they were still capable on inflecting some damage after being shot in the head. I'll stick with a larger caliber thank you. But a 25 in the hand is still way better then a 45 at home in the safe. Stan