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Damn just aim for the center. What's the debate about?

If you're real hunter and trying to get a perfect headshot on a nigger who's standing still then more power to you and your *RIFLE* but most people in a shoot-the-nigger situation are probably dealing with an up-close emergency. Just shoot it wherever you can and fast as possible and get the hell out of there. "Center Mass" like they teach the cops. Aim for the center.

I've only shot one nigger in my life and it's embarrassing but I had birdshot loaded. Had buckshot on the shelf but just hadn't expected to need it so it was the shells from the last time I went hunting. The noise and the pain should be enough to make anyone run away, and it worked ok for me.

What's neat is before that happened they would walk on the sidewalk by my truck and glance in there every chance they got. The staggering fucked-up niggers would just stand and stare in there or even walk out in the street to look in from the driver side.

I don't know who was related to who or what gangs were dominating the block but after I shot that one, the others wouldn't even walk on my side of the street. Niggers would still walk by on the sidewalk but it was mostly females and niglets, and they wouldn't stop to look or even turn their heads toward my truck. It was understood "off limits" and I could swear they must have gotten word from nigger central because all problems stopped.

If you're talking about a carjacking or walking robbery, it really doesn't matter what you have, you just use it as fast as you can. If it's sticking its head in the window or mugging you when you get out, hell yeah shoot it in the melon if that's what's closest.

Niggers aren't any kind of trained assassins, they're just trying to get something easy, as usual. If you make it DIFFICULT, especially with a firearm, they're going to run away. Even if you miss you'll probably be allright. If you run out of ammo you have to point and keep acting like a threat. Just have to put up a fight. Shoot in the air when they're running to keep their speed up, if you're afraid of legal stuff. Even as bad as things are now, most police depts won't try to charge you for "city limits" if you're making a mugger run. Be sure to say "mugger" btw

Anyway just shoot it in the center. Shoot whatever you can if they try to rob you. Sure nigger skulls are thick but I bet even the 22's get in there if you're shooting at a right angle. 25's are notorious though, I don't know why anyone buys them. They are very wide and short relative to the charge and I think they are mostly just psychological weapons. Pop guns. .22 lr pistol with stingers should be plenty effective and the ammo is pretty cheap. Recoil is virtually non-existent. A little kid could shoot a nigger with that.

They do have thicker skulls so sure the deflection is more likely but a bullet hitting at obtuse angle should be as effective on them as anyone else. They might get an extra degree or two of safety if you hit at an acute angle.

Reminds me you can order gunshot skulls from Congo nations but most of those are from larger rounds. Even if you get no bullet hole, the skull is educational for the kids. Learn the nigger skull.

Funny thing about skulls is you can get nigger easy, you can get white for too much money, but getting "native american" is tough because they're all kinds of holy I guess, and american history is dangerous.

If you want some nigger skulls just mail back to the nigerians on those scam mails and ask. They want a few bucks and you have to risk it but they will send them for 30 bucks each if you get a line open. If you're rich you could probably order them in bulk and pave your driveway with them