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Originally Posted by Kievsky View Post
"his deep voice softening" What the fuck kind of writing is that? By a man, no less. These people who care about pro sports so much, and write about it with deep emotion, strike me as queers masquerading as mainstream, kind of like faggot and pedo priests.

The country is going bankrupt -- I sure hope "pro" sports goes bankrupt too. I tell people to forget pro sports and support their local high school team . . . if it's a White town.
lmao that's so true.

his deep voice softening as i saw his shitskined muscles rippling through the tight expanse of his jersey. his swollen ebony lips, and his sultry jive tone swept me away. it was then and there he had made me feel like I was the only reporter that mattered, the only reporter that existed.

ANYHOO. About the article. Are they stupid? Or can they just not accept the fact that most niggers don't have strategic minds therefore none of them are fit to take the job?

I guarantee you for those 4 or 5 nigger coaches they've got. I bet they have 20 white coaches that didn't get hired, and any one of them would be more fit for the job.