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Default Bill White indicted over 'threat'? to Richard Warman

This news item from a Canadian paper makes it sound like the Bill White case is all about 'threatening' Richard Warman.

Writing on his Internet site, overthrow.com, Mr. White also allegedly said that RW "is an enemy, not just of the white race, but of all humanity, and he must be killed. Find him at home and let him know you agree."

Mr. White was charged with knowingly transmitting interstate communications containing a threat to injure RW. The National Post has confirmed that the RW referred to in the indictment is Richard Warman.

Apparently anticipating the case could draw fire from free speech advocates, the Acting U.S. Attorney Julia Dudley, told reporters that "this case will not serve as a referendum on freedom of speech.

"The case is about 'innocent'? people being threatened, intimidated and extorted by a man that in most cases, they don't know and have never met," she said.
from: Neo-Nazi indicted over threats to Canadian activist
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