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Default Baboon infestation in Patra


Athens - Greece aims to tear down the slum area of illegal immigrants in the port town of Patras and to relocate thousands of refugees, Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos said Sunday.
In comments on television a day after visiting the port town some 150 kilometres west of Athens, Pavlopoulos said the government aimed to tear down the refugee slum area by the end of May.
'The misery will come to an end by the end of May,' he said. 'People should come first.'
The minister's remarks came after he visited the slum area on the periphery of the port of Patras, a town which has become the hub of international human trafficking activities. He said people should not have to live in such conditions.
There were dangers of disease and dozens of people were ill or undernourished. Some 200 minors were living in the slum without any parents or other relatives.
The some 4,000 refugees are to be relocated in a former military barracks. The minors who are without parents or relatives are to be put in a special reception camp in northern Greece and be attended to by social workers, the minister said.
The refugees, primarily from Asian and African countries, have converged on Patras in hopes of travelling on to Italy. Clashes between refugees and police, and between rival human trafficking gangs, are commonplace.
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