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The niggers were all kings and queens back in Africa. And we brought them here and subjected them to RACISM. just awefull.
what are you talking about? Niggers are worthless. The niggers that were brought over were already slaves sold off by the victors of continual tribal wars. (that are still going on and will forever in niggerland) They would have been slaves either way. Triangle trade led to the importation and the infestation of niggers over here. Song of the south gets alot of things right. Stop listening to federalized Jew propaganda. The niggers like any other class were treated strictly but fairly. I admit it's disney and relations weren't as good as in the film. It's disney. There was a balance the niggers had to constantly know who was boss but you didn't want them to feel like they were backed into a corner. (didn't want a slave rebellion) They were expensive with the average costing 1000 dollars in 19th century money. The worthless niggers would have eventually been sold back to africa or elsewhere in favor of white work if they hadn't all been freed just like up north. The problem was that because of the climate niggers breed faster than whites. This was the main problem and why slavery lasted so long down here. But given 10 years or less there would have been enough whites to do the work. This is why the south hates lincoln. He destroyed our white utopia. Now everything southern is attacked constantly by the niggers who are rallying jew backed liberal support. We never even wanted the niggers to begin with. George forced them on us. Now our culture is facing extinction for being white.