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Jews are not superior
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Hell Raising Woman

The primary reason we have an illegal Mexican invasion is the NAFTA fiasco that only makes jews, corporations, and the corporations' shareholders wealthy.

The primary objective to having free trade and lack of manufacturing companies in the United States is to screw the others who don't have a lot of money. The jews and the traitors in Washington D.C. will make out like bandits when the depression hits and will get away with the looting of the U.S. without any aggressive prosecutions.

It has been documented since the year 1290 that jews have bankrupted and kept the majority of the population in any country virtually poor. This is their mode and method in destroying a nation. There are no differences today, except the jews are not actively expulsed.
A jew can't handle "truth" with dignity, but refutes with lies of exaggeration.

Jews -- tall, tall, tall, tales they tell. Famous fairytale storytellers of the Holocaust.