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Originally Posted by Elliot Richards View Post
China having an IQ of 100 is actually pretty impressive. Since only the east part of China is really modernized and smart. Most of the whole country are in fact living poor and with ancient technology and doing menial jobs like work in a factory that pays them next to nothing and they can still manage an IQ average of 100..... .
Let's stop it right there and enjoy your contradiction.....

You're a witness to the fact that it takes more than a reasonable score in a test designed to measures only a narrow range of abilities to even match the benchmark set by the West.

Those other Chinese that have elevated themselves above the condition you describe, have done so solely by their willingness to adopt and steal western technology, science, engineering and culture, and in return, they have given us Ping-Pong, food fit for pigs and cheap shoddy products which fall to pieces five minutes after they're put to work.

That they have done this and continue to do it is I suppose, an indication that they may be more intelligent after all.

So in practical terms, 'intelligence' as you define it may not be all that it's cracked up to be.