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Alex Linder

Originally Posted by DeShawn S. Williams View Post
May I inquire when Mr. Linder is planning to broadcast another one of these hotdog shows? I find them very interesting and appreciate his intellect.

Thank you.

More coming before too long.

I simply ran out of material for my language column after about a dozen, so I needed to restock.

This winter was so terrible, I've wanted to get offline for a couple months. Haven't really, but tried to get out more, because I think another terrible winter is headed our way again.

Funny thing was, it was my most productive winter in a long time. White people really do respond to cold, much as we (I) hate it.

I will be doing more radio shows, I will be writing a football column, just to test an idea, and I will be writing more language columns. If I can find any movies worth writing about, I will write more extremely long movie reviews.