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Наутилус Помпилиус

"Nautilus Pompilius (Russian: Наутилус Помпилиус), sometimes nicknamed Nau (Russian: Нау), was a prominent Soviet/Russian rock band formed by the lead singer Vyacheslav Butusov and bassist Dmitry Umetsky while the two studied in Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg) Institute of Architecture (now called Urals Academy of Architecture). The band, with its various incarnations, was active between the years 1983 and 1997. Nautilus were an influential band in the post-punk, new wave wing of Russian rock music and also a landmark of the "Ural rock" style with their philosophical lyrics. Some of their early hits are popularly associated with the Perestroika period.
Since the group disbanded, Vyacheslav Butusov has launched a successful solo career."

Text by Wikipedia.

"На берегу безымянной реки" из альбома "Чужая земля" (1992) / "On the shore of an unnamed river" from album "Foreign Land" (1992)

"Тутанхамон" из альбома "Титаник" (1994) / "Tutankhamun" from album "Titanic" (1994)

"Крылья" из альбома "Крылья" (1995) / "Wings" from album "Wings" (1995)