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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Beautiful girls, but weird and rather niggerish videos.
Most of Serebro's songs and videos at least the ones that I've heard/seen are free from wigger assclownery. I would say that the one you quoted is an exception but at least it doesn't have negroes in it, which is more than one can say for "Aryan Goddess"/"Nazi icon" Tyler Swift's work.

Reputation finds Taylor Swift making her strongest bond with hip-hop to date, despite a year that's seen some associating her with white supremacy. The rap connection is most apparent on "End Game," which features herself, Future, and the Ginger J. Cole, Ed Sheeran, spitting on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy-ish production. This is not too surprising, not only because rap is huge now but also because Swift is a legitimate fan of the genre. She flirted with Lorde-filtered pop-rap sounds on 1989 and also collaborated with Kendrick Lamar after expressing appreciation for his work. But there is an even earlier dalliance Taylor had with this world, and it naturally involves T-Pain because everything was T-Pain in the late 00s.