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jewsign USS Liberty "History Changed by One Old Antennae"


On June 8, 1967 Israel attacked a US vessel in international waters in an obvious attempt to sink her and kill all aboard. They did it on purpose. The backstabbers killed 34, wounding another 174. Radio intercepts prove they knew it was American.

Iím going to jot all this down in the middle of the night without doing too much research ó just going by what I remember reading. I donít really get paid for any of this, anyhoo. Also, something along these lines could easily happen today with Iran. Israel really wants us to take down that country. Weíve already done Iraq and Syria, although they really wanted to see Assad gone. Egypt and Jordan are paid off by our tax dollars.

If you donít think the lousy Israelis would pull a fast one on us, then youíre blithering idiot. They did it to us before (probably several times). The most famous one that we know about was a US intelligence ship sailing just outside the war zone in international waters during the Israel-Egypt 1967 war.

When the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, they did strafing and rocketing runs on the shipís superstructure and even dropped napalm across the bridge, destroying the shipís main radio antennae, keeping them from sending out maydays. Of course, many US sailors were turned into bloody hamburger during all of this. I fully believe to this day, the plan of attack was to destroy the shipís communications right off the bat.

One of the still alive sailors remembered they had an old antennae stowed away someplace that was broken in a minor way. They quickly retrieved it and jury-rigged it somehow, allowing them to get out the maydays to the US 6th fleet elsewhere in the Med.

My guess is the Israelis, when they overheard the maydays going out, ordered the attack called off since they could not afford too many goyim getting wind. They planned for the ship to go down with all hands (dead men tell no tales). At this point, small Israeli torpedo boats had just fired off a bunch of torpedoes and one struck the ship. An Israeli helicopter was getting ready to drop commandoes to finish off any living crewmen and set charges to sink her.

Hence, typical White guy behavior changed the course of history. What I mean is, how many times have you changed out something that was broken and put the old thing up on the shelf, just in case you found the time to fix it? Gnome what Iím saying?

I believe the Israelis wanted to sink the ship to get the US into the war. That traitor and probable crypto-Jew LBJ knew this. The Jews wanted the US to launch a retaliatory strike on Egypt, to cloud things up right when they attacked the Golan Heights.