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11/04/05, Cavalier Daily, [Charlottesville, Va]

Supremicist newspaper distributed in City
University, Charlottesville mayor respond to Missouri-based white supremacist publication

Ashley Simpson, Cavalier Daily Associate Editor

A white supremacist and anti-Semitic newspaper called the Aryan Alternative was distributed around the Charlottesville community Wednesday.

Published in Missouri, the issue distributed Wednesday in Charlottesville was the newspaper's third issue.

Charlottesville Mayor David E. Brown said the newspaper, which was distributed to some black neighborhoods, was "despicable."

"It's not a reflection of Charlottesville at all," Brown said.

Aaron Laushway, associate dean of students and director of fraternity and sorority life, said copies of the newspaper did arrive at some fraternity houses off Grounds.

Although the newspaper has yet to appear on Grounds, Alex Linder, editor and head writer of the newspaper, said he has distributed the Aryan Alternative around college campuses and that he would like to get it distributed on Grounds.

University spokesperson Carol Wood said the University cannot stop peaceful distribution of a publication like the Aryan Alternative in a public place, but that the University "has a commitment to diversity that students should be vocal in their saying that this type of publication does not belong in our community."

Wood said the distribution of the Aryan Alternative could violate the University's discrimination and harassment policy if it were distributed in an aggressive way.

"If someone were to try to push this on an individual, it would be in violation of our discriminatory harassment policy," Wood said. "If the people were aggressive in distributing it, it would interfere with the operation of the University."