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It has been brought to my attention that the word supremist (shutting whites up post 76) doesn’t actually exist. (Thanks for the heads up, White Will.)
Now, this little word has become quite the little trouble maker. I reserach and edit my work before final inking always hard copy source and ya know the thing, sometimes if ya can't spell the word ya can't find it. This was one, I knew I had seen the word but couldn't find it in the dic. I got the sugar daddy involved and he was sure that was the correct spelling and had seen the word. I will admit I remember him telling me to check dic.com but I blew it off and went with his word. He is usually right with those little details. That is how the word passed through the gate to ink land thought it doesn’t appear within any of my hard copy dictionaries. It actually is listed at Dictionary.com so I consider myself lucky on that one.


But if you put it into google, it wants to correct it.


Since my toon is posted on the internet, I will keep the word as is since it can be backed up on the same source. I believe we are dealing with a new word. It has been quite the source of chatter here at the house, since me and the sugardaddy are big word nuts. Meaning we can entertain ourselves for hours with an electronic dictionary looking up words and cross referencing.
Thanks for the kind words, Dopp, I almost didn’t put that one up.
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