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Default One of the best ever!

Originally Posted by Rounder
I clicked on the first link in this thread.

Hey Jane, are you just a plain ole, filthy, defecate-eating faggot? Nothing else would post that sick filth. Fess up so I can recommend you be banned permanently.

Your vile, rectum-loving presence here is counter-productive to the mission of VNN. Go crawl your AIDs infected ass to another forum, scumbag.
This is one of the all-time funniest posts ever posted on VNN! I love it. And he's not selling it all. This is what makes it all so funny.

Never fails to make me laugh.

Jane, you do some good work. You could do a modern day version of Der Sturmer. Your stuff is good. Edgy and rough around the edges. Along the same lines as RaZor.
make some more toons and don't be afraid to pull any punches.