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Originally Posted by Paul Jefferson View Post
Did Wickstrom talk about UFO's coming to lead people away from Jesus?
I have no idea what any of the speakers said. Neal and I went and held the communists off about 100 yards away from the rally -- essentially, we and two other white activists stood at the gates heckling the communists, who responded with such violence that the police blocked the gate to the opposition section and only permitted white people who wanted to hear Turner to get in.

It was a very good scene, and we dealt the communists and the queers a serious blow.

Which brings to mind another concern: Why is it communists are so short?

We faced off with about sixty communists and I noticed two things:

* More than half of the ones with red flags were queers, and

* None of them were more than maybe 5'6" and 100 lbs.

It was like being attacked by a mob of pygmies, or little people.