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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
Rounder: Are you in that picture from Raleigh, NC in 1986? Or were you there that day?

Where are all those people now? Have they just grown up and don't do "actions" like they did when they were young or what?

If we could get a crowd like is in that picture to march down in KNoxville, we'd make quite a statement.

I will be at every Knoxville (or any city within a 6-8 hour drive at least) rally or event because I will make that committment.

Can others make the same committment?
Yes Sue, like Ron said, we had many dozens of similar public marches/demonstrations back in the 80's. We owned the streets, and no niggers, jews, or wetbacks dared stand in our way, and neither did the cops. And it was working men, the common man/rednecks like Ron who filled our ranks, not the "valuable intellectual properties" on the internet who are too yellow to even place their names alongside what they say they believe, much less stand tall in public for Race and Nation.

The Rednecks will arise in their millions if, and when, strong, young, unselfish, capable leaders lead them into the streets.

It's coming.

Sieg Heil !!!
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire