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As you know I was attending an Indepedent Pentecostal church for 9 months. I was "shunned" for smoking cigs. I haven't gone to any services in 3 weeks. However, today when I came home from shopping I had a voice mail from the pastor's wife (who is the biggest gossip in the church and has a heart of stone, in my opinion) stating that "they" wanted to know how I was doing? (She didn't sound sincere and her voice was sort of laughing). Does anyone have any idea as to why these people are calling me?? I will not return their call - and if they call again and I am home I will not answer the phone. They "shunned" me and now they are calling me - makes no sense to me (mixed messsages). If they hadn't "shunned" me I would have "walked" anyway from hearing the "garbage" they were preaching.

(I am really upset!!!) Are these people out to "get" me or am I just being paranoid? Please does anybody have any idea what these people are up to or want?? Is this just "normal" behavior for these people? I have PTSD and just "hearing" her voice traumatized me. PLEASE HELP!!!!!