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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
There is one of these within 20m of me. Any time I need to stock up on canned goods, or non-perishables in enough quantity to justify the drive, ill do so. Some of their stuff is even cheaper than save-a-lot, and its better quality. The Aldi brands are pretty much name brand quality with different labels on them. They got these German pickles I really like as well that I can't get anywhere else. A lot of the stuff they have says "Made in Germany" on the label. I avoid Wal-Marx if its possible.
No Aldis in this area, but they just reopened a Save-a-Lot they closed about 5 years ago in the nearby burg: a big package of about 6 pork chops was only 6 bucks & change - a lot cheaper than Kroger.
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