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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

We need an answer when the enemy shrieks "Nazi!" The Daily Stormer's answer is: go full Nazi. There has to be a better answer than that. I vote step over it. But that has to be done verbally. So what do we say? Let's put our heads together and come up with some clever talking points.
-- greggy johnson

here johnson shows in his grape nuts and squirmy little heart he is a congenital conservative.

the answer, li'l greggy, is you attack the other guy. what you, conservative, dont grasp is that you deal with what your guy MEANS not what he SAYS. this guy doesnt know anything about nazis or care, HE'S SMEARING YOU. HE'S ATTACKING YOU. HE'S TRYING TO DESTROY YOU. And fruity you clutches pearls and searches for delicious answers. silly little fag: when someone is trying to kick you in the nuts, you kick him in the nuts. watch Bad Santa and take notes on the boxing scene.

never treat an attack as an intellectual debate. that's your lesson for the day, mr irgregular

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