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Originally Posted by Stephen De Grene View Post
Anglin is Orthodox Christian. He has never said he likes "real jews", whatever the hell that means.
Excuse me. I've gone back and edited my comment by adding an additional comma to my original sentence which I hope will make my meaning clearer.

In my experience, C.I.s, like real jews, are slow to admit what they're ultimately about.
And, of course, even here I'm mocking C.I.s because they don't believe they are real jews. They believe they are the real Israelites.

I'll also include a link here to the Renegade Wildcard Show wherein Nick Spero says that Andrew Anglin would not agree to be a guest on Circus Maximus without Mike Delaney's approval.

Last I checked, Mike Delaney was not an Orthodox priest, but C.I..

And it's not so much that I have anything against C.I.. It's just that I get tired of having to sort these guys for their hidden agenda. That's why I say they are "like real jews".

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