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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

The real objection of the alt-frightists is that they want to pose as radicals and it's much harder to get away with in the presence of the real thing. They are peevish because their comments columns are totally VNNlike, and they need eyeballs for money. Yet for their personal status, they have to keep one food inside the System. They do this many ways, but mainly by softening or syncopating, as I call it, what needs to be said about the jews.

They are trying to have it both ways: be radicals and respectables. Their model is the late ungreat Sam Francis. One foot on the dock. One foot on the boat. Doesn't work. This sporkism (to switch metaphors) is cowardly and unmanly, and, most of all, it does not work. Flat doesn't work. Never has, never will. What Golden Dawn does - works. That they are thrown in prison at SEVEN PERCENT OF THE VOTE is proof. That's how afraid our global enemy is of the tactics that work as well in sunny Mediterranean climes as sober German ones.