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Default England: Even Christards Reject Creationism in High Numbers

...Which would mean they should take step 2 and abandon the rest since the foundation is cracked to shit.

"..just 16% of believers accept the creation myth – according to which, in the words of the questionnaire, “humans and other living things were created by God and have always existed in their current form”. Only 9% of all Britons reject evolutionary theory..."

And yet another study cited within this piece takes away the Xtian argument that Xtians are some sort of minority whom 'Science Atheists' work against--

"..According to a separate survey by the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) – a group devoted to marrying evidence-based science and spiritual practice – 25% of professionals working in science, medicine and engineering describe themselves as atheists, and 45% as religious (practising or not) or “spiritual”.."

So, here you have:

--Xtians glossing over their own beliefs when they don't add up...yet keeping the 'faith'. The very definition of deluded, believing in something when the evidence adds up to 'no way, Jose'.
--Most Scientists who are Evolutionists are not anti-Christ Atheists, but either religious or Christians in actuality.

Xtianity is like a bad habit that, because so dang many people do it and it's comfortable, it's 'traditional', and you have memory associated with it---it's not dropped like the silliness and dishonesty it is...the silliness and dishonesty are simply ignored and the parts liked are the parts acknowledged.

That's no different from race.

Whites will move to a gated community and have a 'segregated' life, then will pretend they believe all races are long as they don't have to face the reality of the 'equality' talk they are spewing.

Same with this: if you really confront them with their own text, they are quite uncomfortable. Just like asking a 'non racist' White if they would like to put little Johhny or Suzy in an 85% black school.

Their reaction? Fidget city.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier