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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Take anything you can get from your government in welfare, to help with your kids. Remember, that's just money you're getting back that you've paid into the system your entire life. And look for another job.

Complaining isn't going to do anything. If you're a man, you'll make sure your kids are as well as they can be, given the situation, and if you gotta suck it up and take handouts from the government, temporarily, then do it with no shame.
Strong words , dude . . .

Guess what ,I totally DETEST the system ( I assume most National Socialists do . . .)

If it were up to me we'd overthrow this plight of a government. .

( picture is in reference to the USA of course but I actually meant ALL governments , lol )

They take from us like fuck. . .

No wonder if you know who is behind it . . . . .

( again , of course in reference to the USA yet the 'Federal Reserve System' is worldwide and it bleeds people dry with taxes . . .)

I made a thread here about state power and how to overthrow it . . . .

Feel free to post there .