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Talking passturds

Originally Posted by Matthaus Hetzenauer View Post
Now how could I ever forget Katie-kike from Opp? When I saw the name of the jew bitch in this thread was Katie, I immediately thought of the original, the one and only Katie-kike (aka Tappan Twat) of old.

Remember the wiliest, shiftiest jew of them all in Opp -- Guy? How about Hate This? or Jewcy? How about the nigger Black Dave (aka Buckwheat)? Gawd, how we loved giving those faggoty fuckers how-to and what-for, eh? Those were the days, my friend.

p.s. What was the name of that race-traitor, that "White" guy married to a negress?. I believe it was Pastor something-or-other...
Haha, I dont rightly recall the miscegnatin fool. There were so many 'pastors' passing thru here back then. There was Visser, that Obediah fool, that dude who worked with Pastor Butler, the Klan volk and you gotta remember this Leroy ...

CI 'Pastor' (now 'Pope') Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt ...

Heh heh only from Missouri my friend.

And yeah, this place used to rock back then. Seriously, most of the members today have no fuckin clue.