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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Some of these atheists and other assorted morons who have absolutely zero knowledge of God
"Knowledge of god" - christ. Every two-bit gutter crank and asylum lunatic has a "knowledge" of god, just ask 'em. And who's to say they're wrong? That's the beauty and appeal of goddism - it's thinking with the net down. Absolutely zero standards, zero falsifiability, everyone can play, no one can lose, participation trophies for just showing up. Crank garbage that leads the white man nowhere if his mission is to regain control of his lands.

Christianity is much greater than the little boxes that foolish men construct to contain it. Why else are there so many sects of Christians? Why? Because none of the boxes ever built can hold all of Christianity's truth.
I gotta admit, I got a genuine belly laugh out this, and thank you for it. But seriously, this is bullshit worthy of a jew. All we ever do is quote you lunatics and your homosexual pastards and you fly into a frothing apoplexy of "thass not what it really means." Every christ lunatic knows he and his school alone are the "real" christians. Funny how no one ever says that about actual truths. There is no school claiming 2+2 = 4 is bullshit and "real" mathematicians know otherwise.

The Roman Catholic container wasn't big enough for it. The Protestant container wasn't big enough for it. The Orthodox container wasn't big enough for it. And the list goes on from Marianism and the Gnostics to Mary Baker Eddie and the Mormons. None of these great movements could contain all that Christianity offers the world.
Crank crank crank crank crank crank crank.

So, of what import do these pitiful little twerps who claim to be mighty atheists and godlessly wise "White Nationalists" have that is so great? Absolutely nothing. But the strange thing is, even though they have nothing to offer, they still can fill the void of their ignorance with wordy reams of nonsense and opinionated bullshit, all designed to mock what they can otherwise not, themselves, understand.
Why waste your time with these losers? We don't go to crank forums and tell them they're cranks. It's a waste of time. Those of genetic deficiency large enough to make christ-insanity attractive are mostly unsalvageable, and the ones that are will find their way here, sooner or later.

White Nationalism can go nowhere without a knowledge of Godly things. Perhaps this is why the atheists are such a drag on the Movement and such stumbling stones to any progress. They claim to want to promote WN, but they are deceiving themselves and lying to others. In fact, all that they want is to destroy Christianity as well as all other religions and to pull down God. And in their ignorance, they are willing to sacrifice their people and their country so that they can do the devil's work.

Don't concern yourself with the opinions of these atheist fools. They are only a temporary aberrition in White Nationalism.
Gutter wisdom at itz finest, belch.

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