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Originally Posted by procopius View Post
The Norse people were also taught that their Gods would be eventually defeated by evil (the Giants).
No. There is no evil in Norse mythology. There is only law and chaos. The Gods represent law, the giants and trolls and other creatures represent chaos. Not all giants are evil. It's a lot more complicated than "good vs evil". Our Pagan ancestors did not think of such, because either means absolute.

The Norse knew that Asgard would fall and Valhalla would be no more.
...and then the worlds would be reborn, along with Asgard and Valhalla.

Although the Norse Gods were heroic and would certainly go down fighting (as a Norse warrior should), they were just too weak to defeat their enemies.
Because the Norse viewed everything in cycles. All Aryans did. Hence the Sunwheel/swastika. The world would be sent into darkness and despair and then destroyed and a new world would be reborn, lead by Baldur and the sons of Thor and Odin. The Norse did not believe in an "unknown supreme god". That's bullshit.

Shut the fuck up about shit you don't know, asshole.