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Originally Posted by Thad Charles View Post
Isn't a key component of it the claim that Jesus was not a Jew? That Galilee was a Nordic enclave? Some of it, at LEAST, stinks of CI-level pseudoscience.
Yeah, i think rosy claimed jebus wasn't a jew. My understanding of rosenberg's mission is that he was going to prune christianity of the non-nordic elements. He's going to turn this mass of semitic lies into something Aryan and pure. It was a long-term project. I don't think Hitler thought much of it, nor do I. It's important to know the difference between something is fundamentally solid, and something is fucked up inherenly or beyond repair. Christ-insanity should be junked, not made over.

No, I haven't read Rosenberg's book but I've read summaries. He likes the Manichaeism gnostic 'heresy' which obviously isn't like CI, I agree, especially in that it rejects the entire Old Testament - and also more importantly doesn't claim that White people descended from "real" Jews. That's a pretty disgusting part of CI to me personally.
I wouldn't say that's merely a "part" of CI, I would say that ludicrous claim is the heart and essence of CI. All the CI you will meet care about nothing more than "proving" their stupid claims.

What catholic Jones taught me is that all Protestantism tends to model itself on the Old Testament. That's what all this new zion horshit is about, and you can see in Prots from Puritans to Mormons. The diff between them and CI is that CI are literally claiming they are the real jews, descended from the lost tribes mentioned in the bible. The mainstream Protestants are saying they're like the jews in the old testament. In the case of the Mormons, they actually believe jesus came over to the new world, and they may even believe some of the original lost tribes did the same, i can't recall exactly.

But the KEY component still remains. We still have this elephant in the room that Jesus was not a Jew. Quite obviously "he" was. So therefore I don't think any WN in their right mind can accept it.
I agree. But christians are cultists, and cultists don't give a flying shit about reason and evidence. The whole idea of prayer and God is that reality can be whatever you want, rather than something subject to actual physical laws.

I admire Rosenberg for attempting to replace the more odious forms of Christianity that were holding back some of the National Socialist program. It would have unified the churches. I may have tended to accept this type of Christianity for pragmatic reasons, to unite the White race but...I don't know. It still seems Jewish and for principle reasons would be difficult to implement wholeheartedly.

Hope to get some expert opinion on this because it's an interesting topic.
The way you defeat something like christ-insanity, in my opinion, is to develop superior institutions, defined as having higher standards and being based in reality rather than fantasy. Do that, and remove the legal privileges the church receives, I think it would disappear over time, particularly if their were eugenics being deployed that raised the average IQ from 100 to 130.