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Ulysses Crane, these are some of the points I was fumbling around and trying to make based on what little I know of the Pagan religions.

Originally Posted by Ulysses Crane View Post
No. There is no evil in Norse mythology. There is only law and chaos. The Gods represent law, the giants and trolls and other creatures represent chaos. Not all giants are evil. It's a lot more complicated than "good vs evil". Our Pagan ancestors did not think of such, because either means absolute.
Exactly. Life is a constant overcoming of chaos and degeneration, order is maintained or even increased to the extent we hold back chaos.

Xtianity tends to see the world as black and white, good or evil. It seems to be a basic tenet of xtian belief that "evil" will eventually be defeated once and for all. The lion will lay down with the lamb. Jesus will return and peace will reign.

Xtians actively fear the idea that a large degree of random chaos is built into the universe. That is why they detest the idea of evolution and science in general. They don't seem to be able to grasp that there are actually underlying laws in operation that make evolution work, it is selective. They just see it as totally random and left to chance. They can't grasp that although there is a huge degree of randomness in the world, there are also basic laws of creation, of law, that not only overcome the chaotic randomness but actively depend on it for "opportunity". Xtians want to reduce the world to "God's will", "evil" is only permitted as a way to test them and will eventually be done away with when God and Jesus get around to it.

Someone is struck by lightning while walking along a ridge. A xtian will show up at the funeral and piously intone that "it was God's will, He works in mysterious ways". He will then offer up a prayer asking God to have mercy on the deceased one's soul. HELLO! God just nailed this poor bastard right between the eyes with 50,000,000 volts of lightning, scattering bits of him over no less than 3 acres, and now we are going to ask Him for mercy on this poor bastards soul? I'd say God must have been pretty pissed and this poor bastard is on his way to hell.

My point with this is that xtianity tends to cloud one's thinking about the real world. If something is reduced to "God's will" there is no inducement to try to understand it further. A rational person will tend to try to understand the underlying principles at work, if any. He might think, for example, "Hmmm, thats the third guy in the last ten years that got nailed by lightning around here, they were all on higher ground, maybe I should stay off of hills and ridges during a thunderstorm."

...and then the worlds would be reborn, along with Asgard and Valhalla.

Because the Norse viewed everything in cycles. All Aryans did. Hence the Sunwheel/swastika. The world would be sent into darkness and despair and then destroyed and a new world would be reborn, lead by Baldur and the sons of Thor and Odin. The Norse did not believe in an "unknown supreme god". That's bullshit.
Which reflects a damned good understanding of the real world and Nature. Perhaps science itself should be seen as a form of neo-Paganism, or the spirit of Paganism reborn. Pure science,not the jew controlled crap that passes as science these days.