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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

MGTOW et all exaggerate the risk of botch babies and difficulty of getting pregnant when older. The real problem is lack of energy. Your body is made, if you are female, to have children pretty much from 16-40 absolute max, but far weighted to 16-30. What you dont understand when you're young is that you will not have the same energy after 30 that you have before, and children take energy. If you want a career, you wont even get into the big rewards until after thirty, and you'll spend all your 20s working up your background and paying off your school debts. It guarantees you will have 1-2 children at most. Again, this is for women, not men. The way that works, regardless of the laws, which change, is the man paying the bills, the woman staying home and having lots of children, and tending to them carefully. The man should superintend everything and himself be very involved. leaving anything to women is a risk, and a big one. But if they are instructed properly and kept in bounds, they are effective. The minute you count on them for leadership, you're going to run into a wall.