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That's what they do. I believe it's called "Ebonics".
Speaking of Ebonics...

BBC starts Pidgin digital service for West Africa audiences

Published 21 August 2017

A new language service for digital platforms in English-based Pidgin for West and Central Africa has been launched by the BBC World Service.

Pidgin is one of the most widely-spoken languages across the region, even though it is not officially recognised.

The launch is part of the World Service's biggest expansion since the 1940s, following a government funding boost announced in 2016.

A couple of examples:

Kumba killings: Goment accuse separatists, deny say army get hand for school killings

25 October 2020, 10:05 WAT

Cameroon goment don accuse separatist, deny say army no get hand for de killings for Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy for Kumba.

Goment tok-tok pesin, Rene Emmanuel Sadi confirm say six pikin dem die, 13 dey for hospital wit wound and situation for seven of dem bi critical, afta October 24 attack.

Sadi say group of about 10 separatist fighters, wit local guns, kam on top three motorcycles, op n fire, kill, injure pikin dem for Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy for Fiango Kumba.

But, e say rumour say na goment soldiers kill school pikin dem no bi true. Say no reason fit justify de killing for pikin dem weh deh bi only wan go school.

CACOVID Palliatives: Lagos, Kaduna, Osun and oda states wey pipo raid and discover Covid-19 food items

Afta several state goments declare curfew to create peace afta jaguda pipo hijack di End Sars protests across di kontri, tori be say pipo start to dey find places wia dem bin store coronavirus palliatives wey goment suppose share give pipo to help with di effects of di lockdown early dis year.

For August, di coalition against Covid-19, (CACOVID) say dem kick-off nationwide distribution of food palliative wey worth about N23billion.

But all states no begin share am immediately. Some states say dem bin dey wait for go ahead from CACOVID office for Abuja before dem begin share.

See some of di states wia pipo don burst warehouse dem wia dem store di palliatives.