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Reports are beginning to trickle in to the NEW ORDER Central Office from those who participated in this year's observance. Most people who take part do not report back to us, so we are never sure exactly how many are involved.

So far, we have heard back from comrades in California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. From some states, such as Virginia, we have received multiple reports.

Overseas, we have heard from Denmark, the Ukraine and the United Kingdom (also multiple reports).

Typical is this report from Denmark:
"I have never been introduced to the idea of celebrating this particular event. But I now find it a wonderful and beautiful thought.

"Just now I sat back in my chair after having lit two candles on each side of a picture of the Fuehrer, whréreupon I stood right up in attention and made the Hitler salute for 88 seconds-as you recommended in your letter to us all.

"Once again Comrade Kerr. Thank you for your initiative to pay this excellent respect to the greatest genius of mankind.

"HEIL HITLER and all the best to you and all our Aryan friends in the USA."

Below is a post from a Ukrainian NS site announcing the commemoration, showing 252 likes and 3,300 views:

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