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Originally Posted by Nikola Bijeliti View Post
It looks as though it may land in the Mediteranean. If it does, let's hope it takes out some African vessels smuggling migrants into Europe.

Here's a live tracker:

Chinese Rocket Expected to Crash Into Earth | Real-time Tracker

EDIT: It landed in the Indian Ocean.
On one of the previous ground tracks, I noticed the booster would pass directly over Israel--too bad it missed!

This was actually the second launch of the Long March 5B core stage-only variant, with the first being in May 2020. I don't recall this big of hoopla over that one which also made an uncontrolled reentry. Just convenient now due to the ramped-up China propaganda in the media, I suppose. CNSA is going to launch at least four more CZ-5Bs to complete the space station by 2022. I don't know how much of a weight penalty it would have been to add some deorbit retrorockets on the booster, the Chinese didn't consider it to be a big priority.
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