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Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
As a Christian I deplore suicide. However, on the part of Hitler and Goering, I think we have exceptional cases. Hitler would have been captured by the Reds and the certain illegal actions against his person would have humiliated the German nation. If anything, his suicide, at the final moment, was a final gift to the folk of Germany.

I spoke my peace on Goering. He revitalized himself from a physically and mentally debilitated state, and rose to defended the actions of the government at the illegal drumhead courtmartial called Nuremberg and right before the end deprived the illegal tribunal its gory trophy. His conduct was an example of National Socialist resilience, pluck, elan and and loyalty.
Why does it seem that Hitler and Goering's military service in the First World War means nothing to these people? Or is this merely typical behavior we should expect from ANTIS?