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Originally Posted by Tomasz Winnicki View Post
Young boys BEWARE!!!

HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE Jason Bezzo would pose as "Sarah" and send young boys videos of girls performing sexual acts to make the boys think that "Sarah" was performing for them.

I don't quite buy his 'head injury' excuse. How often does a head injury turn straight men into homosexual pedophiles?
how he got the head injury:

we were partying and him and a few other people had left in a truck to go somewhere, he was in the back of the truck in the bed, the truck hit a speed bump going a little fast i assume(i wasnt with them at the time), and he got thrown out of the truck and landed on his head on the cement, he spent the next few weeks passing out randomly, so maybe he suffered some form of brain damage.

about 3 weeks after this happened, him and a few other people robbed someones house and got caught, the people that they robbed broke into his house later that night and beat him with pipes and stuff in front of his girlfriend, she dumped him not long after.

how this lead him to homosexual child porn i have no clue, i stopped talking with him in 2000/2001, long befor this happened, he was always depressed and stuff back then, and rarely had a girlfriend, maybe 1 every couple of years, and not for very long, we went to public school and high school together, lived together for a few months as well(98/99), i never noticed anything weird back then myself.

if he was a homosexual or a child molestor back then, it did not show one bit. and how he got from what he was then to what he is now, is a very big mystery to me, and everyone else that used to hang around him.

i hadnt heard or seen him in almost 10 years when i read the paper one day and seen he had been busted with the biggest stash of child porn in north america, it was a shock to me. i tried to comprehend what happened in those 10 years, i couldnt think of any logical reason someone would just all of the sudden start filming and storing child porn...