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Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
I'll have to view the vids before I can give an opinion--interesting on the multiple uses of Logos and it being synonymous to some degree with the tao.

Re the part in bold, and being hopeful:

I have not given up on the idea that if I just wake up quickly enough, I can watch muhself sleeping. That'd be danged cool.
Two other ideas relate (IMO) to the ancient European concept of the Logos and how It operates.

1) Carl Jung's synchronicity:

2) The idea of the thing called the Holy Spirit:

I don't identity with the stories of the Bible, but wonder about the possibility of whether there was an underlying basis for its creation, and the other holy books around the world.

I was raised with atheist nothingness and started paying attention to these new age gurus in my early 30s which, in hindsight, was very late. Before I'd simply dismiss it all as absolute BS. If you give a kid nothing but science and atheism, then he or she will, to say the least, have a closemindedness towards these concepts (and to be honest, the only thing that finally shook me out of that mindset were the "uncanny events" mentioned earlier), but I'd also add, without these concepts, they may develop a natural negativity, cynicism, pessimism, nihilism towards life, so were I to raise kids I'd want them to be aware of these ideas.

That's not to say that I wouldn't want these ideas balanced with what I consider level-headed pragmatic speakers for our people like Revilo P Oliver, Stephen McNallen (Asatru Folk Assembly), ... even a "checked version" of Dr William Pierce , .. even to some degree people like Adolf Hitler lol.

It should be noted that of those new age men, with perhaps the exception of Tolle who's never said anything on the subject (although I've perceived his regret of not having fathered and being with an Asian), and Tom Campbell for that matter (but the latter is a scientist who had a White family) ... so in other words Alan Watts and Ken Wilber - they have made statements implying they endorse racialism and preserving heritage (because anyone with a brain realizes that if everything is God, then Whites are a component of It, and their physicality was undoubtedly integral to inspiring civilization; even if it wasn't, it's part of our heritage and diversity, and thus deserves preservation).

Alan Watts on cultural mixing:

Beyond Race and Racism: An Integral Approach - blog

How do we avoid the personal and cultural traps surrounding race and racism? How do we transcend our racial identity in order to find a deeper, wider, higher identity with an all-encompassing Self and Spirit? And once we figure out how to transcend ourselves, how can we continue to honor the deep wisdom and unique perspectives our ethnic heritage allows?
It should also be noted Carl Jung made sermons for the German Faith Movement, before sHitler (maliciously IMO) banned it:
True diversity is preserving all ethnic groups. We have a group identity to maintain. We ought to have spiritual community centers for us, to have closure for our history, celebrate our heritage & look to the future. National Folk Faith AFA CT

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