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Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
Have you had kids yet (?), because if you haven't, you're running out of time. You should get your existing suitor to commit to the idea, even if it means using things like the food bank. Just get it done ....
Since you have asked me several personal questions, peppered with flattery, I will ask you a few.

Have you had kids yet?

Are you a member of the NA? Or some other thingamajig?

Do you know that this thread is about examples of Christ Insanity primarily?

I will now in turn answer the food bank comment.

I've been working since age 19 and am financially independent, as is my suitor.

I had to help when my father died, and wasn't a wild party girl out getting preggers unmarried, sorry to disappoint.

I went back to college to help my mom more than I could as an Assistant Teacher of kids with Autism, blindness, and deaf-blindness. I helped her get the pension that my father's company was trying to cheat her on. Now she is financially independent as well.

Then I had a batch of bad health, turned out to be a PFO (hole in my heart) but they thought I had MS and I had spinal taps, MRIs, and a bleeding hiatal hernia that made me anemic, so I had to have Nissen Fundoplication surgery. Very painful, goo goo dat. Had a very rough time for several years. I was just trying to get through all that. And I did.

My mom had a heart attack and several surgeries, I helped her through all that.

So social life was not top priority for many years, and I take relationships seriously. I had in my life only serious friendships and relationships, not random ones. I did not have kids in my 20s, it would've been nice to have had a more carefree youth, but not my fault and I owe no apologies. I wasn't making marriage a priority. A mistake young people could learn from. But things happen with people that change life course.

Looks like you indicated you are divorced, yet I had no interest in making a comment about it. You're intentions here are nefarious most likely.

You've made remarks about me having babies and what-not repeatedly, it's odd to say the least in a thread about Xtianity.

The 'get it done' was rude and far out of line--and has nothing to do with the topic.

The stuff you're posting is mainly distracting from the topic, and to promote your 'religion'. So to return the rudeness: if you need to go to the food bank to feed a wummin and get her pregnant---get it done, John, as you say.

Craig and I hope to have 2, btw, I'd hope 3 if possible. Let me know if that's sufficient.
...I think you already knew I was not single and who I was with, so the digs are directed at both of us perhaps.

Sorry if my life as an individual, or our life as a couple, don't stack up for you, anonymous fellow. I'm doing my best, as always.

I keep paddling my boat along the river of life, and haven't drowned yet, so I must have done something right.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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