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Default Oops...too late to claim immaculate conception...


Legionaries of Christ priest Father Turrion had a secret fambly. Two kids, so he broke his promise to Christ at least twice.

So did another of their priests, Father Williams.

...And, then there is the founder, Rev. Degollado, who abused kids as young as 12.

So all three violated their promise, the founder violating it worst of all because what he did was actually morally wrong to non Christ Insaners, because it is a violation of nature itself.

All that scripture studying, the supposed transformation that takes place when the Holy Spirit fills the saved...and they have the same behavior as you'd see in the middle of a degenerate city anywhere in the world.

'The proof is in the pudding' is akin to 'knowing them by their fruits', one of many borrowed concepts in the NT, but a true one: when you see that something fails over and over, that is indicative of a defect in the product.

The defective product is Christianity and Christ. Get yer $ back (unfortunately the collection plate dough is non-refundable):
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier