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Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
I just want to absolutely (and totally doodidilly ) close by saying the ultimate solution IMO is to organize a new faith system to replace Christianity.

I've outlined the concept both on this forum and the other one we don't mention here:

I reference many things (I've even hidden links to Klassen and Pierce's efforts within (at least within the European American Faith article - and of course by doing that, google removed it from search indexing; however, the British Faith article remains free from any link to those men, and google has honored me by allowing the British Faith to appear on its index).

Em, you are one of the most bright, sweet and well spoken people I've met on these forums. Given that Mr Cobb is your partner (I didn't know this before), I just want to also close here by saying that since we all recognize we need a replacement for Christ-Insanity ... I would even help fund his next attempt at creating a church ... if, IF, ... he took a less polemical approach.

Why not simply call the next attempt: the European American Faith, and why not keep it very simple i.e. a mission statement to have 'sermons' on our history, philosophy, and science (add some comedy, song and dance to make it more fun). Forget Klassen (and Pierce) ... the thing is, we already have an European Faith and Church through the AFA (I was recently billed by them) ... it's just that, I want my 'spirituality' to include more than Odinism, which is why I'm still babbling about this stuff.

This will be my last post (I hope). I'm now retiring from 'causing' .
(And in case there's an Anglican or Lutheran minister who reads this, why don't you incorporate some of these ideas into your church? Or, at least allow us access to the buildings for a couple hours per month.)

Let my last keyboard commandoing be on a fun note lol - ideas for a church lol (?):

Humma Kavula

This is my absolute last post in this thread (and probably the board too - I have to get a life - this crap is time consuming). Amen and goodbye.

And in case new comers were wondering what I deleted after a drunken night (which included 2 bottles of wine and several beers to myself while my roommate and I watched yet another ridiculous cartoon series called Big Mouth (we're caught up on Rick and Morty, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, etc lol)), I posted a link to the lunatic Hitler's take on feminism after asking poor Em if she'd had kids yet. And then I posted a vid of Abraham Hicks on Love, and then I posted a NA meeting where Pierce spoke, and then I posted that link she left above "To The Bitter End" (it's interesting that Jews, through their holy book and religion, made celebrations/commemorative days regarding their history's most triumphant victories/tragedies as a people - which I guess is what I was doing there subconsciously). Posting anonymously on forums is, sometimes, like having your frontal lobe inhibitory mechanism removed. A man can be like a dog (especially when drunk), ... sometimes the dog is entertaining and sweet, but other times it barks and growls (this one has never/doesn't bite though .. but it's still largely worthless, unbecoming behavior). Adios (this place has been like a fun summer camp lol, with the security agencies lol, no doubt, being our parental guardians lol) lol
TY for the nice comments that were personal--before the thread returns to topic I'll answer one point you made re Craig's 'church' and funding. He wasn't starting a new religion of some sort as you might think.

I wrote the contract on the Nome Church, and he/we had several possible intentions for it, Craig thought of possibly using it to help young families in the Creativity Movement, or we'd live there, or we'd fix it up and sell it.

I jokingly suggested we turn it into a White Genocide Holocaust Museum, to show the history of the orchestrated decline of the White race.

The man selling it did not have proof of his ex being off the deed, so I wrote a contract and factored that in. Because in part of that contract they weren't able to steal his $8k, they returned it. I also think they were worried he'd litigate for the misrepresentation, which he could've.

He is an Independent Creator. I still like Klassen and Pierce, but I'm an Atheist primarily.

Craig's polemic approach is not to win friends--I think at times an 'antagonist' is a good thing, when you want to command attention to something. It's not an 'always' style--meaning it's not the same as inviting one to your meeting or home, but if you are on camera and want them to get the point--and they're against you anyway--might as well make it over the top.

Like Craig did in naming it the 'President Donald J Trump Creativity Church of Rome.' This is for a purpose, not unintentional. We had talked of how interesting it was the town was called 'Nome', so similar to Rome. I joked that if we took over the tiny town and filled it with Creators we'd call it 'Rome' to honor Klassen, who cited Rome as the pinnacle of White Western civilization.

Because Craig named it that, it was in the Washington Post.
That kind of thing is to create attention that otherwise wouldn't be there if you did something less campy and unique. It's not how one does all things, but to create propaganda that gets noticed, it's 200% effective, lol. Craig is good at this, no doubt, similar to Anglin and others who hit certain 'no no' points well, and cause much guffawing. There is a place for that, especially with re to media of course.

Good luck with your endeavors, would be nice to use those Churches as the Danes do.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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