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Default A personal debate I'd like to have with Ray Allan


you're one of my closest associates here ( you sometimes seem to have an 'abonnement' on my threads ) . .

I notice you are very critical of American society and seem to oppose the state ( your threads about the miltary ( or 'the green niggers' as you call them , heehee . To say nothing about 'the blue niggers' , lol ! ) ) . .

It is a cliche that so-called 'right-wingers' are not as critical of the state as so-called 'left-wingers' (who are nwo-puppets anyway in the way that the NWO even until today is still hoping for their 'world revolution' . .)

But I think you can also be a 'right-winger' and oppose the state . .

. . be against the system as such . .

What would your ideal look like . .?

Arguments against our military can be for example found in the fact that they are more or less mercenaries for Wall Street instead of serving us . .

I have to say that also their behaviour sucks from time to time ( raiding nations for the nwo , raping , war crimes , all in the name of the almighty dollar . . . )

You know , there was a time when wars were , believe it or not ,still more or less fought among those who instigated it truly ( for a long time it was the task of European nobility to fight wars ; later they became decadent ( with the help of the NWO and their inflitration . . .) )

The fact that people fought for money already came with the Thirty Years' War times when mercenaries replaced the old ways . .

It went over Napoleon who let ordinary people fight . .

The NWO had a hand in Napoleon ...

Thus far concerning military. .

You already voiced your opinion about the po-lice in other threads. .

The way to an "ideal society" may be tough

But from what I know from your posts you are very critical . .

- - -

I also happen to know that you live in Nevada. .

lol . . hypothetical :

If the rumours about 'Area 51' are true and 'they' are already amongst us . .

. . would you be opposed to them taking you 'somewhere else' . .?

Maybe a planet with 'a better social system' . .?

lol . . please do not take that question too serious though.

So . . in the end . .

- since you happen to be a Caucasian-American , how do you view American society as such . .?

What's your opinion on 'blind patriotism' as it's called , conservatism and such . .?

Lot of stuff , I admit . .

And then I always thought it was the Rays who had the 'big words' . . .

. . Just kiddin' pal . .

- - -

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