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how I view the U.S. . .

It is a Caucasian country first and foremost . .Part of my race . .

Concerning the US's policies . . What is true is that the US or rather , its government , is busy fighting wars for the NWO . .

That just proves the stronghold the NWO has over it.

Even if you feel no sympathy for people of other races , the sheer amount of European-American "soldiers" who are fueled for these wars . .

I think the last wars which benefitted the American people were the wars against Mexico . .

Yes , as "long back" as that. .

These wars were fought for race (Mexico is a neighbouring country to the U.S. comprised of another race ( in the case of Mexico mostly Mestizo) ) . .

Since WW1 ( into which the U.S. was tricked ) ONLY "world police"-wars . ..