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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Let me ask you a question, ColdFire--how do you feel about u.s troops still occupying your country nearly 75 years after the Second World War ended? And that the 'Bundesrepublik Deutschland' is a creation of the Allied occupation government? No treaty of peace was ever signed between the American and German governments after the war either, only the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht to the Allied armies in 1945. Technically, the Deutsches Reich is the still the legitimate government, even though it isn't functioning right now.

I think it's pretty self-explanatory why I am critical of KWA society and its armed enforcement organs, i.e. police and military. You have read my critical and mocking posts about the so-called green niggers and what they do around the world, right? I detest what they have become and what they are doing in mine and every other Americans' name, operating as enforcers, mercenaries and collection agents for international jewry; the same tribe of hook-nosed parasites that has hijacked the government of my country, its economic system, media and nearly every other aspect of society. I detest that I am forced to support via extortion (taxes) their murderous and wasteful wars and other disgusting, destructive activities all over the planet. If you haven't read it already, take a look at War Is A Racket, by Gen. Smedley Butler, written in the 1930s. And they disposed of him pretty quickly after that.

I realize the U.S. Constitution is a quant, meaningless scrap of paper to the NWO scum, but this country wasn't even meant to have a standing army in peacetime (Article I, Section 8), only a militia. Since there has only been about 16 years of actual peace in this country's 243-year history, I guess that's their excuse. In my opinion, the last legitimate war the u.s. fought was the War of 1812 to repel a British invasion of the country.

So "blind patriotism" is another name for what we call patriotardism here on VNNF. "My cuntry, right or wrong." True patriotism is calling out the bastards in government when they are fucking up or fucking with us. Conservatism is a cowardly, raceless and worthless ideology--conservatives have conserved nothing. We just keep losing. Were George Washington and Adolf Hitler conservatives? No, they were revolutionaries.

I understand the Pleiadians have a nice planet and they are attractive-looking people. That's one of their spaceships in the photo you posted... let's ask Billy Meier.
I used to read about Billy Meier's (alleged) encounters with extraterrestrials when I was a teenager. Fascinating stuff.