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The article cited by Stronza does say she stopped eating and that led to her death. It also says her request to be euthanized was turned down.

The real tragedy is that no one intervened in this child's life and made her understand that while what she had endured--yes, probably at the hands of 3rd world savages--had been horrible and unnacceptable, the pain would most likely subside as she got older and pursued her goals in life.

Since when do we allow teenagers to participate in so many self harming activities without adult intervention? Eventually, she would be able to push her terrible memories to the back of her mind, and live a normal life and find happiness.

Good grief...I was a basket case emotionally at the age of 17. Most of my girlfriends were the same way. Everything bad that happened seemed as if my life would end. But it didn't...and I grew up and realized your teen years are the most difficult in your entire life.

When you're that age, time seems interminable, and the vicissitudes of those tender years feel like daggers to your heart, each one delivering a fatal blow.

But you survive if you have family and friends to help you through those difficult times. Everyone abandoned that poor girl when she needed them most.
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